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Jimba Care

My mother has a small non-profit organization ( Jimba Care ) thanks to which she helps children in Kenya. JIMBA CARE was born from a trip in 2017 where my mother and 2 friends went to Kenya for the first time to visit orphanages and schools in the Watamu and Malindi area.

"It all started from there. We left our hearts in Africa, with those children ( our children) who so much need permanent and safe structures for assistance, education and medical care."

The current project is the WISDOM SCHOOL in the small village of Jimba, located in the hinterland of Watamu. The school already existed, but it was a bamboo shack in precarious conditions and inaccessible during the rainy season. To date they have built 4 classrooms, new brick bathrooms, a well and solar panels to provide water and electricity and the fence around the campus to protect the school.

What can I do?

Talking to my mother I expressed my desire to contribute, and I asked her if she could help me find a way to help the women in Jimba in particular. So I set out and bought some organic cotton fabric, and my mom took it to Africa on her last visit, she found some amazing women who work in a small tailor's shop and they created these amazing clutches . Nancy, who runs the tailoring shop, is Agnes's sister (teacher at WISDOM SCHOOL)

CLUTCH "No means No" made in Kenya

Clutch that I decided to sell and donate the entire proceeds to Jimba Care. The association helps not only Jimba's children but since last year they also have a class for adult women, where they learn to read, write and do arithmetic.

These clutches will help pay the teacher for the courses for these extraordinary women, as well as purchase necessary products, such as eyeglasses and support these women in other expenses (such as medical expenses).

Keeping this course active is important, first of all because it allows these women to have an education and greater independence, they also create a real community, small business projects are created and above all this course helps them increase their self-esteem.