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A FEMALE CHOICE SUPPORTS DiRe - Women online against violence



self-help: women supporting each other and finding solutions to fight against male violence.

self-determination: regaining self-esteem, regaining possession of one's life and all the resources to become independent from the control of the partner.

empowerment: "strengthen yourself", regain personal, emotional and psychological strength to leave the violent person or change an unequal relationship, if you decide to "stay with him". Becoming able to help each other and motivate yourself in choosing to live a life without violence.

secrecy and anti-discrimination: every woman is welcomed with the utmost respect for secrecy without distinction of age, social, cultural, ethnic or professional class.

free: the services offered by anti-violence centers are generally free, with a cost-sharing in the shelters based on their income

DiRe - Women online against violence

To date, a group of 87 organizations in Italy, which manage 106 anti-violence centers and more than 60 shelters, listening to approximately 21 thousand women every year.

D. i.Re – Women on the Net against violence was formally established on 29 September 2008, after 30 years of informal activity on the national territory among non-institutional anti-violence centers managed by women.

The National Association bases its work on the experience of local realities and has the aim of building a national political action that can promote the fundamental cultural change to combat and overcome male violence against women.

DiRe 's actions are aimed at making the phenomenon of male violence against women visible, changing society's perception of its extent and gravity to place it among crimes against humanity, through:

  • actions for the visibility of the methodology and activity of the anti-violence centers present on the national territory,
  • initiatives to spread awareness of the phenomenon of violence,
  • research projects, with a view to reflection on experiences and continuous and widespread training for the Centers and for the territory.

The national association DiRe is an interlocutor for national and international institutions, also for the development or modification of legislation relating to women's rights, drawing on its wealth of knowledge, processing and experience acquired over many years by the anti-violence centres.

Source: https://www.direcontrolaviolenza.it/chi-siamo/#


DiRe anti-violence centres


If you want information that you can't find on the DiRe website , you can fill out the form on this page .

If you want to contact one of the anti-violence centers in the DiRe network, consult the page with the complete list of centers region by region , you will find numbers and contact details of the nearest centre.

If you want to contact those responsible for the various activities of the Network, here is a list of useful contact details:

Elisabetta Calmanti
Tel. +39 392 720 0580