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How did it all start?

A Female Choice was born from a need of mine, Lara, to be part of a social and cultural change that would see women free to choose for themselves, free from judgements, stereotypes and taboos. It all started after I wrote a term paper on a new marketing strategy to reposition female condoms during my senior year of university. A strategy that saw self-determination and the elimination of taboos surrounding female sexuality as a fundamental point. After graduating, I understood that I wanted to do something that would allow me to carry forward these messages, but I couldn't find anything... so I said to myself: I'll open my Instagram page and start a conversation through my graphics.. and let's see what happens.

2019 ... the A Female Choice website opens

A Female Choice was officially born in September 2019 , when I opened the very first e-commerce site, trying, making mistakes and learning along the way. It wasn't easy, especially due to the nature of the brand (in 2019 even just talking about masturbation was considered truly aberrant).. but I didn't give up, I continued because I knew I was doing something that allowed me, and allows me, to do a social statement , to start conversations (even uncomfortable ones at times). From day one I wanted to have organic cotton products, certified and as sustainable as possible, obviously it wasn't easy, because the costs especially for a mini brand at the beginning were double, but just as I didn't want to compromise and send "more commercial" messages, I have never compromised on the search for the most sustainable and ethical suppliers and production methods possible... and yes, I always try to improve and do as much as possible!

Creating and knowing.. TOGETHER

From 2020 onwards it has been a mix of emotions, doubts, fears, emotions, many beautiful collaborations and new acquaintances (some people I met during these years are now close friends and fighting sisters)... years in which I carried on A Female Choice always reminding myself of these things:

1. Feminism serves us, and serves everyone*

2. We must break down all those taboos that prevent us from being free

3. The desire to start a dialogue on sexism present (unfortunately still a lot) in our culture and society and try to make a social statement every day

4. The importance of Respect for all*

Why an accessories and clothing brand?

Because I strongly believe in the idea that fashion has an immense power to convey a social message. The choices we make, including what we decide to wear every day, at work, at the gym, shopping, at a dinner... can be part of a social and cultural change, it can start a conversation, it can create a community .

What do I hope for the future of A Female Choice?

I hope to be able to continue to convey messages of empowerment, to continue to destroy taboos through my A Female Choice garments and accessories and to make women feel free to be themselves, without stereotypes, without judgement.

Furthermore, I believe that it is essential to give, and I have always tried in my own small way to donate to associations and anti-violence centres, to be part of demonstrations, and to participate in events to inform on very important issues such as eating disorders... but obviously, I hope one day to be able to do much, much more . I hope that A Female Choice will give me the opportunity to help women in difficulty, to collaborate with as many people as possible and to create a strong and supportive community. But above all I hope to be able to experience a real social and cultural change that no longer sees us as sexualized objects (without consent)... but equally, free to experience our bodies and self-determine.