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Who knows what they think of me - Book

Hi everyone, I'm super happy and proud to announce that I've written a book, "Who knows what they think about me" with the publishing house Scatole Parlanti.

Through this book, which is ultimately a collection of diaries, I wanted to tell my story a little bit, to tell my journey out of eating disorders. I have decided to expose myself and tell my personal experience, in the hope that it will help and raise awareness on such an important issue but which unfortunately is still too little known and treated.

You can order the book on the website www.scatoleparlanti.it".

Unfortunately given the current situation it has been impossible for us to organize events or presentations together with the publishing house to officially present my book to you, but despite everything we do not give up and I really want to make my book known to anyone interested in getting it to more possible people.

As you know, the support of friends, family and acquaintances is essential for a successful book launch, especially in the moment in which we live where independent publishing is put to the test by the pandemic, so I thank in advance anyone who will buy the book and he will want to read about my experience and my story.

Thanks 💕

To order my book..

You can order my book by following these steps:

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Thank you for the support you give me and I hope you will appreciate ♥️


Who knows what they think of me is..

a work in diary form, the account of a journey into the world of eating disorders tackled with generous objectivity and with the intention of bringing to light the painful experience of those who face the tormented relationship with food and with their own day after day distorted thoughts. Pages full of fears, contradictions and daily anxieties, between ups and downs, ascents and descents, which give us a hopeful ending, a message for all those who have touched the same suffering first-hand: healing is possible, as well as returning to to love and to love each other, here and now, in that miraculous and unexpected flowering of acceptance.

Thanks, Talking Boxes.