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A Female Choice supports Linea Rosa


Pink Line

At Linea Rosa they can help you with:

  • Welcoming ( offering you a 'friendly place' in which to tell your story; informing you about all the resources, both within the Association and in the area, which you can draw on such as Social Services, Job Orientation Help Desk, Law Enforcement, etc.; preparing a safety plan in case of serious danger
  • Hospitality
  • Work Desk
  • Psychological helpdesk
  • Legal advice
  • Training
  • Services to minors

Furthermore, there are also self-help and mutual aid groups that are organized every year with the following objectives:

  • Get to know each other better to enjoy a better emotional relationship
  • Giving name, shape and movement to suffering or discomfort
  • Allow discomfort to be recognised, welcomed, reassured and contained.
  • Welcoming and stimulating the expression of emotions.
  • Receive solidarity, encouragement and support.
  • Give awareness and reinforcement of one's resources and find one's own physical and emotional balance.
  • Receive information

If you need help contact Linea Rosa

Source: https://www.linearosa.it/

Support Pink Line

Linea Rosa is a Volunteer Organization, Third Sector Institution, therefore private individuals and companies that support its cause can benefit from the tax breaks provided by law.

There is a way to support us that costs nothing: donate 5x1000 of your tax return to Linea Rosa


You can make a donation.


A Female Choice Initiative: How beautiful it is…to raise your voice!

Officina della Musica and A Female Choice join together with two initiatives to support Linea Rosa and all women.

With the show 'How beautiful to make love', organized by Officina della Musica and focused on the theme of gender identity and the strength of women. By participating in the show, on June 29th at the Almagià (Ravenna - RA), you will personally contribute to the cause: all proceeds will in fact be donated to Linea Rosa.

For the entire month of June, for each item sold on the A Female Choice website, €1 will be donated to Linea Rosa.