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Mi Nutro di Vita is a non-profit association created to raise awareness on a national level of the issue of Eating Disorders (DCA)

They closely support , with the voluntary initiative of those who directly or indirectly have lived with DCA, not only the invisible ones who suffer from it, and who seek every day to fight their own personal battle towards the path of healing, but also the nucleus affective that inevitably finds himself catapulted into the reality, still too ignored and silenced, of the complex world of DCA.

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Mi Nutro di Vita was born in Liguria and operates throughout the country.

Since 2011 he has been fighting in a work of information and awareness on Eating Disorders. These diseases today represent a real social epidemic , which in our country now affects over 3 million people, with more than 3,500 deaths per year.

Our association is a reality made up of volunteers , which over the years has led many other people to expose themselves, each with their own personal motivations and history, to meet and give life to a path of solidarity, sharing and dissemination . The main social purposes are to disseminate and disseminate information on DCA . and ensure that this phenomenon is known and recognized by the institutions and the population, in proportion to its high incidence.

In addition to the Pieve Ligure office, a branch that gives space to a self-help group, Mi Nutro di Vita has opened an office in Biella and a few days ago also an office in Vercelli .

Today, more than ever, our spirit prompts us to set ourselves a new but significant goal to give DCA, but especially to all the invisible people who suffer from it, their own and concrete dignity, so that this disease is deeply welcomed and concretely supported by the National Health System. Our Association, through the appeal of its founder, Stefano Tavilla , is the promoter of the public petition, addressed to the Ministry of Health and to the National Commission for the Update of the LEA (Essential Levels of Assistance), which aims to give its recognition of DCA, so that all those who suffer from it are finally recognized and, therefore, can take advantage of an adequate public care system.


The history of the Foundation arises from the experiences and commitment of those who (people who have faced the disease, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, companions) have fought personally over the years and have committed themselves to making the eating disorders. Experiences that have materialized in associations:

“Mi Nutro di Vita” , founded by Stefano Tavilla, who saw his daughter die, Micaela Bozzolasco and Sebastiano Ruzza who experienced the disease firsthand,

“Perle Onlus” , founded by Mariella Falsini, who knows the disease closely, Simona Corridori, creator of the lilac code and Maria Carla Martinuzzi,

Following numerous reflections, we strongly believed in a change that could be a turning point for our Associations, but above all for the people and families who are fighting the disease. For this reason, " Mi Nutro di Vita" , " Perle Onlus" and Francesca Lazzari , founder and president of the "Così Come Sei" association, who lost one of her four children, reach the goal of creating, as founding members, this new reality on a national scale.

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