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Casa delle donne is an anti-violence center that has been welcoming, supporting and hosting women, with or without children, who suffer violence for thirty years in Bologna.

The Center, adopting a feminist methodology, supports women in the path of escape from violence, demonstrating that it is possible to get out of it and is committed to combating all forms of gender-based violence by promoting activities related to cultural change , awareness and prevention .

Violence has many forms, all rooted in the patriarchal context in which society is imbued: deconstructing sexist stereotypes and assumptions is the first step in preventing violence and building a more equitable and gender-respectful society.

In the Refuges managed by Casa delle Donne, women find hospitality and protection both in emergencies and in the longer term, necessary to regain autonomy and serenity.

Casa delle donne, through the Oltre la strada project, offers welcome and hospitality to foreign women victims of trafficking for prostitution and labor exploitation .

All the services of Casa delle donne are free and confidentiality is guaranteed to women.

It is possible to support Casa delle donne in different ways, at this link you can find out how: https://www.casadonne.it/sostienici/
You can also support Casa delle donne for free through the 5 per thousand, indicating the tax code: 92023590372 .

To stay informed about the activities and initiatives of Casa delle donne, you can write to infobologna@casadonne.it

I feed on life

Mi Nutro di Vita is a non-profit association created to raise awareness on a national level of the issue of Eating Disorders (DCA) and to closely support, with the voluntary initiative of those who directly or indirectly have lived with a DCA, not only the invisible ones who suffer from it, and who try every day to fight their own personal battle towards the path of healing, but also the emotional nucleus which, inevitably, finds itself catapulted into the reality, still too ignored and kept silent, of the complex world of DCA.

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